Website Design

Sonja busy on her laptop doing web design

Have you launched your new business? Congratulations! Welcome to the business owners club, it can be tough out here, but we have your back! Have you got a website set up yet? We aren’t talking about a website with just an ‘About’ and ‘Services’ page and a shopping cart. Isn’t that what a website is? This is a basic website design, yes, but if you want a website that is findable on Google and drives leads, you will need a lot more than that.

TMR Web design services

What can The Marketing Republiq do for your website? Our experienced Google specialised website designers can build you a website from scratch or revamp an existing site. Our team are experts at dealing with all the back end, complicated stuff like plugins, server-side scripting and HyperText Markup Language. Words that make our content creators scratch their heads!

Our team is made up of experts each in their chosen field. This way, you know the work you pay for is done by a specialised industry professional. All our experts combined, we have over 85 years of experience in the digital marketing industry.

Along with building or auditing an existing website, TMR websites are built on:

  • Being the solution for your ideal client
  • Strong SEO backbone
  • Strategically placed conversion points
  • Necessary plugins for faster page speed
  • Mobile device optimisation

Why are our website designs different?

Your website acts as a digital shopfront for your business. It represents your brand to the whole world, so you better make sure this representation not only looks good but operates to the best of its capabilities. From our combined experience in the industry, the common problem we see time and time again are aesthetically pleasing websites that fail to satisfy what Google is looking for. Essentially, a Ferrari without an engine. It may look sexy, but if it doesn’t have an engine (something driving leads) it is pretty useless. 
We have had tonnes of new clients with sparkling new websites, which lack the essential conversion points, ultimately getting them less sales. Our websites encompass multiple schools of thought across web design, web development, user journey experience and search engine optimisation  (Google Ads, SEO best practice). 
A thorough web designer will not just build a site that looks fabulous, but a site that will help convert traffic into clients and customers. And most importantly will be findable by Google. What does it take to be findable on Google? 
Funny you ask, because that’s what we specialise in here at The Marketing Republiq. Our founder and CEO Sonja Pototzki-Raymond, is a Google Search Expert. You may know her as Sonja The Search Queen, she specialises in getting businesses found on Google by their ideal client for the problems they solve. She has successfully generated over $150 million in sales for clients since The Marketing Republiq launched in 2018. 
Our web developers know how to set up a gorgeous website and are guided by Sonja on the ways to get your website indexed and loved by Google. Because if your website isn’t finable on Google, you’re basically a billboard in the desert. 

The TMR process to website design

So you know our process for web design is to make your business findable on Google, but how do we do that? In our website designs, we focus on the problems your business solves for your clientele. You need to ensure you know exactly who your ideal customers are, what their problems are and aim to be the solution they are searching for. Once you know you are the solution, then we can get you findable on Google. 
To ensure your website is findable on Google, we implement a strong Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy in your website set-up. SEO should be the backbone of your business model to drive organic traffic to your website. Not sure what SEO is? You can read more about it on our SEO Services page.
As well as meeting Google requirements through SEO, a successful website design needs to adhere to conversion points, page speed, User Journey Experience (UX) and mobile optimisation to avoid being a billboard in the desert. A billboard in the desert is what we like to call a gorgeous website that isn’t on the first page of Google search results. It may look fabulous, but if it’s unfindable on Google it is visible to nobody. 
A website built by us has a massive focus on user journey experience to ensure you are converting people from Google. We don’t just build websites for the sake of building a website, we build websites to ensure they are your best salesperson. Your website works 365 days a year after all and never takes a sick day! 
Our website development strategy also includes a heavy focus on effective conversion points for your users to reach you. Did you know there are tools to see exactly how users move through your website? Our developers build websites with strategic conversion points based on your customer’s specific behaviour. By placing conversion points at these specific locations, you are more likely to get leads. 
In our website development, we build for speed and performance. Keeping your potential customers waiting for your website to load is not a good first impression and it is a sure sign that Google will favour your competitors and rank them higher than you. 
 The Marketing Republiq builds websites specifically for mobile, as we are using our mobile and tablet devices to browse the net just as often as our desktops, some users even more! A website not designed with mobile flow in mind is ultimately limiting the reach of your site. These considerations are key when you are building a website to ensure the correct foundations are laid out for you to be ranked by Google. 
How to find a good website designer?
A good website designer will have a portfolio of their client’s websites for you to examine their work. They must also reference all the above points! If you meet with a website developer and they fail to mention user journey experience, SEO or strategic conversion points, we would be concerned about how well they understand the importance of website development.  
It’s ok if your website needs some TLC. We all have areas of our business that can get neglected, we just want you to know you can’t afford your website to be one of them! 
If you have a physical shopfront, you wouldn’t let it get covered in cobwebs or be difficult for your customers to walk through. The same goes for your website. It is your virtual shop front, and users should be able to navigate it with ease. If you have a feeling your website needs some TLC, or you need one to be built, you know who to contact.