Social Media Marketing

Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok… Social media is everywhere! More and more people are using smartphones to access social media, so to make sure you stay relevant, it might be time to up your Social Media Marketing game. Don’t worry! We are here to help.

Modern lives centre around technology, so your business must too. Curating engaging and relevant social media posts will ensure your business stands out and fosters real connections with customers. We love Social Media Marketing at The Marketing Republiq. We can help you develop a social media campaign designed to connect and convert observers into loyal customers (say hello to a customised social media strategy in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, or Australia wide). We have various social media packages available (from establishing the basics to developing a substantial online presence through consistent posting and engaging content) so why not give us a call?

Do You Even Need Social Media Marketing?

Yes, you do. You can’t get around it. Luckily, The Marketing Republiq’s social media strategy team in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney understands the importance of setting clear goals and establishing campaigns not just to meet them, but smash them. To achieve this, our social media experts believe (and know) relevance is the key.
Relevance is critical for an active and competitive online presence. With the right social media strategy (and social media content), your business will be supported by an ongoing campaign that quickly and directly reaches your customers.
We are proud to say that our team are passionate about boosting engagement (#legends). Our social media tools help decipher what’s relevant for your business, taking the pressure off your in-house team (if you have one) who may struggle with relevant content ideas. Let us manage, monitor and create your monthly social media campaign so you can get back to running your business.

Tailored Social Media Content Strategy

We approach social media content creation differently – we believe in quality over quantity. Did you know most consumers are exposed to over 10,000 messages online each day? This is why, when it comes to social media, your online presence needs to stand out from the crowd. Our goal is to generate authentic engagement and boost brand awareness (which helps achieve a high ROI).

We’d love to work with you! We can implement the changes needed to improve your Social Media Marketing (think: more online exposure, engaging competitions, promotions, reviews and other consumer engagement) to help take your business to the next level.

Our Attitude Towards Social Media Content Creation

Social media content strategy is ever-evolving. The Marketing Republiq’s social media gurus stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends (did we mention we adore social media?) to ensure your content remains relevant. And remember, yes, it’s crucial your business shows the right messages on the right social media platforms, but just as important, is posting content at the right time.

Don’t overlook the importance of timing. Our team research and review the best day and time to schedule content posts. Through data analysis and analytics programs, we see when your customers are online and most active which lets us share your posts at the optimal time to maximise exposure and engagement among your current (and future) customers.

Bang For Your Buck!

This is the bottom line (right?). We hear this often. What will give the best return on investment? Which platform is the best? Do I boost ads or create Facebook paid ad campaigns? Honestly, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer. Each business is different, with different target markets and additional service offerings. But, with an informed, considered and researched social media strategy, you’ll see your online presence improve.  We manage the comments, post and monitor your social media platforms and offer the following deliverables to enhance your online presence over time:

  • Varying social media strategies
  • A consistent monthly content calendar
  • Social media set up packages
  • Custom graphics
  • Scheduling relevant content
  • Different weekly posting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Monthly reports
  • Audience building
  • Social media stories
  • Reactive engagement
  • Account monitoring
  • Set up of company social profiles


Contact us today and let’s chat about what Social Media Marketing in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane can offer you.