Social Media Content Strategy

Sonja on her phone busy with social media content strategy

Don’t tell us you are in business if you haven’t got a Social Media Content Strategy in place! Whether you enjoy the daily scroll across your sharing apps or detest being tied to social media platforms, having a solid social media strategy in place is non-negotiable for your business.

The latest data shows there are over four billion social media users and counting. Your potential audience is out there scrolling, waiting to engage with you. You may already have an Instagram and Facebook account for your business and a personal profile on LinkedIn, but are you gaining leads from these channels? If you are pouring time and energy into these posts but not getting the reaction you were hoping for, it’s time to re-think your approach to social media content.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing where users create and share content on social media platforms to achieve their marketing goals. The marketing goal behind your social media should be to increase sales and drive traffic to your website. Businesses build their brand with social media marketing by connecting with their current clientele, warming up prospective customers and generating a loyal following. A more loyal following is more likely to convert; it’s that simple.

These are the fundamentals behind why a business will engage in social media marketing, but for us, there is a deeper meaning than driving sales behind our social media strategy.

TMR’s Social media content process

We have completely pivoted the way we create our social media content for our client’s and ourselves. Just like you and your business grows, your social media presence should evolve too. 

Many businesses are guilty of putting up a social media account and posting merely promotional content advertising their services or products. We have seen first-hand how this fails to convert into a valuable following. Our social media content process focuses on adding value to your audience without expecting anything in return. Your audience should turn to your account for guidance and advice as an expert in your field. If you are focused on adding value and being the solution to your customer’s problems, you cannot go wrong. 

Our social media process involves gathering as much information from the expert (you), researching what your audience is engaging with and producing content they’ll love. Depending on how much involvement you want in this process, we can either take the content reins completely or have meetings where you can tell us your inspiration and ideas for our content creators to turn into posts. 

Types of Social Media content
How many more social media accounts do we have to make?! From Snapchat to TikTok, Clubhouse to Houseparty, there is always a new social media platform popping up on our radar. 

Whilst there are more and more social media platforms, we specialise in social media content for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. We have found from our tried and tested strategies businesses; these are the most effective platforms to get leads. 

Our social media content includes:

  • Feed posts
  • Story posts
  • Live videos
  • Short videos
  • Infographics 
  • Branded templates

What are the advantages of a social media content strategy? 

A social media content strategy allows you to pinpoint your audience’s exact problems and enables you to set yourself up as the solution. Social media warms your brand up to potential customers, an excellent medium to share your values, brand story, industry advice and personality. Remember, with social media, slow and steady wins the race. You need to engage and build an organic following of real people. Tens of thousands of followers look great on your profile, but what’s the point if you aren’t getting any sales? A smaller, authentic, REAL following is worth more to your business than mere numbers on a screen. 

When you base your social media strategy on authenticity and adding value, your audience has a rapport with you. When you switch your social media strategy to building trust among your audience, your following is more likely to convert with you than another brand that is not adding any value. Building yourself or your brand as a trusted authority in your field is the goal amongst elite social media strategies. Trust isn’t one of our company values for nothing! 

Do you feel like your social media could do with a refresh? No one knows your business as you do, just like no one knows digital marketing like us. Sometimes, the essential facets of our business are best left to professionals, which is quickly becoming the norm for social media. Have you seen how many Instagram account managers are out there? 

Just because you’re not social media savvy doesn’t mean you have to jeopardise the success of your business. Let us create a social media strategy for you and take another responsibility off your plate. When you’re ready to talk social media strategy, please reach out to us!