Search Engine Optimisation Services

Google and Bing Organic Search Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a buzzword among marketing and advertising agencies, and for a good reason. It’s the process of attracting traffic from the “organic” or natural search results on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go). Choosing the right SEO services to get you a return on your investment can be tricky. Lucky for you, The Marketing Republiq is all over the SEO process, and our team has experience in employing which strategies work best for each business. Our SEO process includes extensive research and a thorough understanding of the client, competition and industry. Our experience indicates most of our clients have never learned how SEO works – which is why we take the time to explain what you are paying for fully.

We have proven experience in educating clients about SEO, interpreting SEO, and delivering competitive results. At TMR, we pride ourselves on our complete transparency and ensure our clients are always fully aware of where their investment is going and what results it will secure. As a search engine optimisation agency, we are dedicated to bridging the gap, by showing you real results from implementing a ‘White Hat SEO’ strategy – SEO best practice, as indicated by Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and many more.

Did you know search engines change their algorithms every day? These changes can affect your website’s ranking (where it shows up on a search results page). Our team continues to evolve with search engines and uses a range of tools to make sure we keep up with their ever-changing algorithms.

Staying on top of these algorithms changes how to ensure ongoing improvements in onsite traffic, conversions, and keyword ranking (we love continuous improvement). By reviewing website analytics and your company data over time, you’ll receive a greater return on investment, increased quality search engine traffic, rankings, and ultimately, results in conversions and a reduced ‘cost per click’.

During the initial meeting with our SEO consultant in Australia, we’ll advise you on implementing a winning plan to boost your search engine optimisation in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney – or wherever you might be! We set clear expectations so that you and the team at The Marketing Republiq know precisely the results you want.

Information Architecture

We are all aware of the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover.’ Therefore a website needs to do more than just look the part. This is where information architecture comes into play.

The most searched words and sets of words (keywords) on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Duck Duck Go have specific rankings. Meaning your website needs a central theme to match the keywords your customers are continually searching for. Content optimisation’s main goal is to improve the website’s keyword rankings by scattering relevant keyword phrases and synonyms your customers are typing into search engines every day.

We use information architecture to build our client’s websites, and as a result, we achieve quality search engine traffic and boosted website rankings for them (go us!). Our consultants use information architecture to silo your website, meaning we group similar information, placing it on separate pages on your website. Siloing is similar to breaking a book down into chapters. Each webpage has specific thematic content, and because of that intentional, considered keyword grouping, your SEO ranking increases, making it more relevant to your consumers. Having an organised website is favoured by search engines and starts using and implementing the right information architecture. And don’t forget, clarifying your products and services will set the foundation for the right keywords, helping customers find you faster.

Content Optimisation & Choosing The Right Words

There’s no doubt about it: your website will perform better when filled with technical SEO copywriting.

Content optimisation helps consumers on search engines find your product or services quickly and easily, making them more likely to pick you over your competitor. Our team’s SEO copywriting specialists Australia wide are well-experienced in writing highly concentrated SEO blogs and local SEO content to boost your website’s ranking. The more relevant copy and keywords on your website, the more successful click-through rate you will have. You are ultimately serving your potential clientele by being the solution to their problems and aiming to provide your services as efficiently as possible. As a result, your loyal customers will want to share. We do this at TMR by humanising your brand. People connect through emotion, so find a copywriter who creates empathy while instilling confidence.

Google favours clear, concise copy (seriously, so keep it simple!).

Content optimisation helps your business stand out in a sea of similar companies. Writing SEO marketing content is a skill, so invest in someone who knows what they’re doing and avoid anyone promising fast and usually cheap results – it’s simply not possible. SEO writing takes time.

Our SEO services and writing practices have been tried and tested. Developed over the past ten years, our senior SEO copywriters in Australia have refined their techniques to increase web traffic, and our clients are thrilled with the results.

As a starting point, our team uses an SEO checklist (similar to the one below) when drafting strong copy:

  1. Know your client’s consumer inside and out
  2. Research keywords, and understand local SEO
  3. Be clear with similar keywords
  4. Always have a page’ call to action’
  5. A H1 heading tag must be a strategic headline
  6. Use bullet points and concise, precise wording
  7. Uncover keywords for every website page for easy website migration
  8. Implement even keyword distribution on the website.

Quality Link Building Using Editorial Judgement

After improving your website through SEO tactics and technical SEO copy, the next step is to have a successful link building strategy.

The first step to ensure Google can browse your website and your visitors don’t get lost is to make sure you have implemented internal link building. Next, the focus is on external linking (historically, external links were Google’s primary way of increasing a website’s ranking).

In short, quality links = more traffic and a higher ranking (‘Off-Page SEO’). Remember, links are only part of the SEO puzzle. Both ‘On-page SEO’ and ‘Technical SEO’ are equally important when following a ‘White Hat SEO’ strategy. We understand this is a lot of technical jargon! We aren’t trying to lose you here, be assured that you will have a full understanding of the range of services we do to get your business results when you work with us. Our goal is always transparency!

Having quality inbound and outward-bound links from other websites is crucial for successful website migration. The best way to think about links is like having a confidence vote for that page on your website.

  • Incorporation of high-quality backlinks
  • A strategic link earning strategy
  • Avoiding the wrong backlinks
  • Use links that improve your website’s popularity and overall ranking

The Marketing Republiq is a search engine optimisation agency that believes in transparent service and tailored prices. With help from our SEO specialist in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, we are confident you’ll see real results. Contact us today to learn more about SEO and how we can help improve your business.