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Our Approach To Sales Coaching

The Marketing Republiq is one of Australia’s only marketing agencies to provide holistic sales coaching, which we are incredibly proud of. Sales coaching helps you convert leads into sales, which doesn’t come easily to everyone, so we’re here to show you how it’s done.

Converting Is The Key

The psychology behind making a sale doesn’t vary, but the skills to do so change in corporate, retail and commission sales settings. Here at The Marketing Republiq, our Director and sales trainer, Sonja Pototzki-Raymond, has extensive and award-winning experience in each of those areas (and she’ll help you achieve the success you are looking for).

Corporate Sales Coaching

Our business sales coaching involves your employees learning the fundamentals behind sales and how to connect with consumers, resulting in more recommendations and productivity (rather than just selling). Our team will help articulate your company’s story and the tools needed to convince your consumer they need you now. We’ll take you through a step-by-step process on how to take a prospective client through a sales journey that ultimately leads to a big YES.

You’ll also receive tools tailored to intriguing corporate buyers, including learning how to use the company receptionist (or gatekeeper) to your advantage. We’ll teach you how to present your product or service in a way that appeals to commercial buyers. As with many things, timing is everything when implementing the skills learnt through our business sales coaching, especially when dealing with large corporate clients. Our team will help you understand the importance of timing, meaning your product or service becomes a need, rather than a want.

Retail Sales Coaching

Our retail sales coaching is designed for businesses of all size, with our sales trainer focusing on giving your team a competitive edge. Sonja, your personal sales coach, can mentor groups of any size, and our easy to implement strategies are designed to help you achieve higher profit margins. Through our one-on-one sales coaching, you’ll learn how to teach your team the differences between how consumers and businesses think, and what each consumer type is, so your team can read consumers better and refine their pitch.

Our individual sales coaching will show you the difference between ‘salesy noise’ and proven tactics for success. Think: learning how to read a negotiation and how to sell your solution. Most importantly, we believe that you should never undercut your value. You have worked hard to get to where you are today, don’t undersell yourself! Our sales coach will explain why consumers will pay more than you think, and help eliminate the ‘scarcity mentality’, where you risk lowering your value and losing a profitable sale. With enough repetition, you’ll see a steady increase in profit margins. At the end of your individual sales coaching program, you and your team will have developed the essential sales skills needed to handle consumers with ease (and start generating more revenue!).

Commission Sales Training

Not many people are naturally blessed with sales skills. Despite having a great product, location and advertising, you might just have a lack of sales experience or a limiting belief about how much value your product or service can add to your potential customers. Do you want an edge over your competition? The Marketing Republiq’s commission sales training can help you maximise your commission rate. Our custom one-on-one sales coaching program enables you to personalise your pitch, helping you connect with your consumers.

Is your business looking to grow its sales skills? TMR will provide the fundamental skills of sales strategies and advanced sales tactics. Tactics you’ll learn with us include the importance of building rapport, urgency selling, identifying buying signals, how to close a sale, overcoming customer objections and transforming weaknesses into strengths.

By working closely with our sales trainer, you will receive quality one-on-one coaching and be able to put theory into practice. We want to arm you with the skills and resources to make leaps and bounds towards your goals. Once you have the sales training under wraps, you will be unstoppable!

How Your Business Will Improve

Your profit margins are not the only positive outcome of sales coaching with The Marketing Republiq. With our program, your employees’ productivity and attitude will also improve. Our sales trainer will give your team the tools for successful communication, crucial for trust and overall sales. The more your team trusts you, the more commitment and effort they will put into your business. Many business owners don’t realise the potential of a strong team culture. Our sales coaching will show your team how crucial culture is within any business! Through one-on-one sales coaching, we empower your team and uncover their unique abilities so they can not only professionally improve, but also self-improve (everyone’s a winner).

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Take Your Business To The Next Level

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