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Strategic Facebook Advertising

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There are billions of consumers on Facebook every day. If your company is not using Facebook Ads, then your competitors, whether local, national or international, are stealing your customers through the highly competitive use of Facebook Advertising.

We Find Your Customers

Facebook ad best practice involves targeting your audience and reaching your ideal customers. We find your relevant customers for you, meaning you get to communicate to a broader audience daily.

Identifying the Facebook reach for the Ad is done by competitor analysis and analysing your current customers. Next, we target their specific needs and wants by identifying how your product or service can help them.

Targeting on Facebook, similar to other forms of paid media, is done through specific psychological and demographic filtering that we use when creating your Facebook lead ads. We can decide who sees your Facebook ads based on gender, age, race, religion, sporting preferences, lifestyle preferences, income, location, education and many other specific traits. The ability to specifically target your audience means a more significant ROI and reduces any costs to irrelevant audiences.

Did you know… Australians check Facebook daily at a higher rate in comparison to the rest of the world.

Using Facebook advertising means reaching your target audience is not only essential, but it’s easy (we cannot guarantee results with any digital campaign as it sets us up in a negative light)!

Facebook Ads How Do They Work

Facebook ads ultimately work by combining extreme targeting online, creative eye-grabbing imagery, compelling copy and sufficient Facebook reach. A successful Facebook advertising ad strategy should be focused on your specific audience and have exact text that ultimately aligns with your business goals. 

There are no guarantees with how your audience will engage with any of your Facebook Ads as once any campaign goes live, the ads sets are tested via A/B split testing to see what is resonating most with your target market. By creating a relevant campaign based on your goals – you will get quality leads. Ultimately, the purpose of these would be to convert sales however, you may struggle with the ability to close warm leads and in which case we can help convert through our business coaching program. 

Extremely Targeted Ads

Facebook ads Manager can identify potential customers through using settings such as customer location, demographics and interests. These customers have a higher interest in purchasing your product or service. This Facebook advertising type is called Facebook lead ads. Through the leads generated, we nurture these customers and coach you and your team to develop leads into sales, through our business coaching packages which is an added service within our portfolio. 

With the use of Facebook ads, we can focus solely on your current customers. You can upsell your product or service by showing Facebook ads in Perth to customers that already follow your page. Typical Facebook advertising types include sponsored stories, boosted Facebook posts and offers. 

Compelling Facebook Ad Copy

Words have the power to ignite action. We are the leading Facebook ads company with expert copywriters, your business will have a compelling ad that sparks action from your customer. We use engaging headlines and new text to intrigue your audience and promote your product or service. 

It’s all about quality, not quantity at the Marketing Republiq, we’re ready to build you your social media brand army.

Facebook Ads Increase Your Sales

Through our expert advice, you will see a spike in leads which we help you to convert to sales. Our holistic approach to advertising means that we don’t palm off leads, we see it through to the end, we are committed to helping you grow your sales and have the skillset to make that happen. 

The most common forms of advertisement on Facebook for increasing conversions include video, carousel, image, engagement, lead generation and retargeting ads. Our Facebook Ads Specialist has years of experience in successfully implementing, optimising and managing each type of ad campaign and will determine how to get you the highest return on your investment.

Our Exclusive Approach 

We know you have heard it before… 

But we are different. We measure success with monthly reports and monitoring of your Facebook Ads. More importantly, we use split testing to determine how to make your advertisement reach your consumers better. Split testing on Facebook involves sending out two versions of your ad to decide which one will produce more sales. Through our strategy, you can review the results yourself and see firsthand that we are the preferred Facebook ads company in Australia.