Business Coaching

Business Coaching To Help Your Business Grow

Would you like your business to grow steadily? Are you finding it hard to manage staff, customers and sales on your own?


You need a business coach, and The Marketing Republiq has one of Australia’s best business coaches. Whether you are a start-up business or a larger firm wanting more considerable performance outcomes from your staff, we offer tailored packages to suit your needs (seriously).

Everyone can benefit from business coaching; there is always more to learn! Both small and large businesses benefit from intensive coaching, which involves a combination of managing your business and setting clear goals for future success and growth. We love planning! Think of a business coach as an upgrade for your computer. It works okay as it is, but it needs an upgrade to keep it running efficiently from time to time. Our business mentor and company director will help you upgrade your company, by increasing sales and getting you back to a healthy work-life balance. You work hard to fund your lifestyle, and you should give yourself more time to enjoy it.
Business coaching differs from being a business management coach. It’s a combination of mindset coaching and business mentoring rolled into one. The Marketing Republiq’s business coach offers a range of training and goal setting workshops to help you re-align your goals for the future. If you find your ‘to-do-list’ steadily increasing, then let us support you. TMR can implement strategies to help you become a more productive business owner. The Marketing Republiq works with businesses of all sizes, so we know how to help you. Our company director will advise you on the best way forward to suit your behaviour and the business’s current situation during our initial consultation. Because every business is different, the service is personally tailored to you and your business (that’s just what we do).

Who Needs Coaching?

Our coaching techniques are ideal for all business owners, no matter what stage of the business lifecycle you are at. If you currently manage a team and find that money is limited, our business coaching in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or Australia wide is for you. Our business coaching services are designed to increase your organisation’s productivity and identify what is crucial to overall sales (and what areas can take a back seat in).

During your initial consultation with our business coach, we’ll establish what is crucial to your business, and uncover your company’s goals. Once you have a clear outline of your goals (both achievable and on the wish list), you’ll then gain access to more resources. Your time and budget are important to us, which is why we have a range of coaching toolkits and processes to help you generate more sales (and grow your business).

Our Experience In Business Coaching In Perth

For the past ten years, Sonja Pototzki-Raymond has excelled in business mentoring and has successfully helped businesses achieve triumphant goals under her leadership. Her Irish background and strong work ethic have formed long-term relationships with some of the industry’s best.

Sonja regularly attends business conferences and is always seeking to upskill. She has attended the following coaching courses:

MJB ‘Evolve’ in Perth (2020)
MJB ‘Relationships and You’ in Perth (2020)
MJB ‘Masterminds and Money’ in Perth (2020)
Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the Power Within’ Virtual (2020)
Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the Power Within’ in Sydney (2019)
Aaron Sansoni ‘Empire Mastery’ in Perth (2019)
Nail It and Scale It ‘Kerwin Rae’ in Sydney (2017)

Sonja’s skill is evident in the high-quality results she delivers for her clients. After studying a Bachelor of Business Honors Degree, majoring in Marketing & Management, she then went on to complete a Master of Science in Marketing Consumption & Society from the University of Limerick, Ireland. Her vision is to help alleviate the pressure on business owners and align them with their path to success, reconnecting them with their why. Through her coaching, you will find the shortcuts along the way and avoid managerial and business slip-ups.

Industries We Work With

Sonja has experience in business coaching in many industries across Australia and Ireland. These include finance, property, mining, health, automation, not-for-profit, building, education, environmental management, engineering, alternative medicine, health and beauty, fitness, landscaping, electrical and many more. Sonja has a five-star rating and glowing testimonials from her business coaching clients and prides herself on helping them develop both professionally and personally, teaching them ‘your net worth is your self-worth’.

Her business coaching and business management coaching experience means Sonja understands new industries quickly and can efficiently work with business owners from all cultures and backgrounds. Her experience worldwide has led her to manage several teams, overcome cultural differences, and break down barriers.

Contact us today for further information on how we can tailor a package to suit your needs and show you the difference a business mentor in Australia can have on your whole company.