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Digital Marketing Specialists

Choosing a digital marketing agency in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane will be tricky! It’s a  crowded marketplace wherever you are. But we are confident The Marketing Republiq offers something different. Don’t get us wrong, we will help you achieve your marketing goals, that’s non-negotiable, but we’ll do it through an intelligent, sustainable and impactful digital marketing strategy. It’s not rocket science. It’s giving your customers the right message, at the right time, through the right delivery method. Marketing 101.
For us, being a digital marketing specialist involves more than a one-time implementation of a Google or Bing digital marketing strategy (at an exorbitant rate). Here at TMR, specialist digital marketing consultants sit with you to understand your business, goals, budget, and biggest dreams. We want to work with you, and we know it takes nourishment, constant monitoring, strategy and, well, us!

TMR’s digital team have years of experience in the digital sphere (Sonja’s been living the digital guru life for over ten years and counting). We offer constructive, thoughtful and strategic advice. We won’t provide a service we know we can’t deliver on or give you false promises to get you on board – that’s just not who we are. Our focus is on building long-term relationships based on truthful and honest results. We believe that behind every great business is a great digital marketing strategy. We will work with you to find realistic, achievable solutions; it is a promise we will always keep. Let us show you why so many clients trust our processes and stick with us long term.
We’re passionate about copy, unique design, SEOGoogle AdsBing Ads and Social Media campaigns, and we mix them to produce a fully integrated and personalised digital marketing strategy. We don’t group multiple tools and digital processes or select platforms not aligned with the client’s objectives to tick our boxes. This isn’t in line with our values of Trust, Respect, Loyalty and Integrity. At The Marketing Republiq, our particular blend of digital tool combines to create the best online marketing strategy possible for what you, the client, is hoping to achieve. Think of it as your personal digital cocktail. It tastes delicious, is reasonably priced and delivers quite the kick! Everybody wins. By developing the best strategy to achieve YOUR business goals, we achieve ours, helping you succeed.

Performance Based Results

Digital advertising means trackable results. You can see results on a page, demonstrating a direct correlation between investment and return. This is upholding our devotion to transparency throughout the process. You deserve to know precisely what it is we do for you. TMR will always show you exactly where your dollars are being invested, and the results/leads those dollars to generate. We’re committed to understanding and developing your business’s digital readiness and current online presence. You wait until you see one of our comprehensive reports.
It might seem strange to hear, but TMR will never sell an unnecessary package to a client. That is the opposite of honest. Our reputation is on the line. We love being the best at what we do (we really do), so know that any recommendation we make comes from informed decision making and careful examination of what your business needs and goals are.

First up, we’ll gain a thorough understanding of your business’s current performance. Next, we’ll compile an in-depth brief and combine this with Google Analytics data. Knowing your business’s current situation helps us identify the tools we’ll use to help your business flourish. We won’t try and sell you a quick fix approach, such as rushing to implement social media marketing, website optimisation, Bing Ads or Google Ads right now for a lot of money. Our digital marketing approach is more specific. We offer packages depending on what you want to improve in the months ahead. That is where the importance of a comprehensive, strategic, and performance-based digital marketing strategy comes in.

Once we understand your objectives, we will perform a comprehensive digital marketing audit, allowing us, and you, to better understand your current situation and determine the next move. Our process avoids the ‘trial and error’ approach that is common in digital marketing. Instead, we map out the overall success of your digital marketing strategy before we start. The result? We save time, money, and stress.

Don’t have a digital marketing presence in Australia? It is not an issue. We help clients who have never touched a computer monitor before (we know you’re still out there!) right through to clients that are fully integrated and have engaged previously with SEOGoogle AdsBing AdsSocial Media Marketing and the rest.

Our work with large and medium businesses (coupled with our experience across hundreds of industries) means we are the one-stop-shop online advertising agency (which sounds quite ‘salesy’ but it’s true). TMR is focused on your business’s monthly results (don’t worry, you’ll be getting regular updates) and our team knows we are accountable for letting you know exactly where your money is going. We’re confident you’ll experience value for money – we treat your advertising budget as if it’s our own!

Through comprehensive tracking and optimisation software, our team monitors and improves each digital marketing campaign’s performance. We are sticklers for details and committed to getting you results. And, as we collect more data, conversion information and sales records, we tailor and amend your digital marketing strategy to be even more targeted as the campaign progresses. You get to sit back and watch while we prove we are doing our job right (and ensuring our relationship with you is long term – yay!).

Our Plan, Your Journey

Staying competitive in the digital sphere is difficult for some. If you want to be considered an industry leader in digital, you need to engage new audiences and convert them into delighted customers while securing their loyalty – long term. That progression is marketing gold, as we all want sustainability and security for our business. Our digital marketing consultants will show you how to implement this journey and plan specific, achievable, and deliverable milestones, so your investment doesn’t go to waste.

The Marketing Republiq prides itself on being different. We want to stand out for all the right reasons.

Brand recognition and brand loyalty lead to more sales. It’s indisputable. Here’s where we play a big part. We’re a digital marketing agency with a unique digital marketing approach. We convert leads to sales. We plan your strategy down to the last detail, so customer’s names aren’t just given to you ready for you to convert – we hand them to you ready to be loyal customers. How? Because we are good at our job, leaving you more time to do yours! Our approach helps your business grow through active, effective and sustainable online marketing in Australia, who else can say that?

Take Your Business To The Next Level

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they
do, and you’ll achieve the same results” – Tony Robbins
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