19 February 2021
Will Facebook's News Ban Affect Your Business?

Who else was shocked by their Facebook feed this morning? It all happened so quickly without any warning; Facebook blocked all news publication content from its users. Australians are unable to access any local or global news sites on Facebook.  Facebook users outside Australia are also restricted from viewing any content published by Australian news […]

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27 January 2021
What does Googles’ threat to leave Australia mean for your business?

Google search is responsible for $4.3 billion in online advertising sales in Australia. Google search is utilised by businesses all over Australia to drive traffic and generate conversions. If you’ve heard Google’s threat to pull their search engine from Australia, you are probably wondering what it means for your business.   The Australian Government has worked with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, to […]

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25 January 2021
What is Local SEO?

You might have heard the term ‘local SEO services’ thrown around and know it is something that can help grow your business but have zero ideas on what it entails. Rather than you scour the web to find out what local SEO is, we’ve not only done all the research, but we have tons of experience in all things SEO. Ultimately […]

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25 January 2021
SEO Trends For 2021

The New Year is upon us and let’s hope it isn’t as unprecedented as the last. As always, trends will come and go, but for business owners, following the trends can be the difference between gaining new clients or not. Would you believe that SEO is so prominent for businesses, it has its own trends to keep up with? At The Marketing Republiq, we are always striving to remain up to date with the […]

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22 May 2020
How to Check your Google Ads Change History

What we have noticed from speaking with our clients since we started working in digital marketing almost a decade ago, is that they are unaware of how to check the digital work that has been completed (or check on the work that other digital agencies have done for them). We firmly believe that we need […]

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22 May 2019
The 5 Characteristics of a Powerful Leader

As we have witnessed, the business landscape is continuously transforming, and in turn, the world needs better leaders to maintain a sense of stability. The responsibility to step up and demonstrate how to lead the herd is on all of us. While going through uncertain times, people often try to cling to what is NOT […]

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9 May 2019
How Online Marketing Can Help Your Business Not Only Survive but Thrive During the Crisis.

The world, as we know, is changing, daily practices we were used to are shifting, and we in tow must adapt to the new normal. A considerable part of this is the change in how consumers are engaging with content. These changes in behaviour and consumption don't have to be detrimental for your business; it […]

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9 May 2019
Focus on What You Can Control

Are you struggling with what you can focus on to help your business and personal life? If you are anything like us, we know you receive hundreds of different messages every day about public health, the economy, business ownership and what we’re expected to see in the future. Realistically it is impossible to know what […]

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